30 November

Sunrise in Bedlam. Tell Your Story

by Jon Katz

  400 mm. f/6.3, ss 1/400  ISO 1600, first light
 Sunrise in Bedlam, Pig Barn.

    When I was struggling mightily with sleep and night terrors, I went to see a shrink who was a sleep specialist. He was not surprised that I was having trouble sleeping, as I was going through a lifetime of changes at once.
  What would help? I asked, as I was exhausted from months of sleeplessness.
  Tell your story, he said. That is healing.
   Now we’re talking, I thought. Forget pills and Internet remedies, this is a treatment I can get behind. It was good advice.
   I’ve been telling my story for years, but am learning to do it more honestly. Somebody posted a message on Facebook about changing, and about  regret at the collateral damage we cause to other people in our lives.
  I regret that. But this same shrink said, look, at some point you have to forgive yourself and just move on, and live your life. It’s all you can do. Most people make mistakes, but few do anything about them. Be one of those, he said. You will feel better.

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