8 January

Ring Your Bells. When You Sing Your Own Song

by Jon Katz
Ring Your Bells

Ring Your Bells

When the sun goes down,

when you’re in the dark

when you’re losing heart,

when you’re losing hope

Ring Your Bells

for the colors out there,

to get rid of your  fear

when you’re full of despair,

when there’s no one around

and the wind seems to weep,

and there’s news everywhere

so you barely can hear.

Ring Your Bells

for the brave sweet souls,

who are heeding the call

and are willing to fall

and have not lost hope

and are feeling strong

and are telling their stories

when there’s noone to hear

Ring Your Bells

when you want to give in,

when you want to give up,

and you know that is wrong.

Ring Your Bells,

when you sing your own song,

when you sing your own song.



8 January

Goddess to Goddess: Move Your Shoes. Love Your Body. Find Your Wings

by Jon Katz
Goddess Potholders


Well, this is what happens when my Goddess, the Bedlam Farm Studio Barn Goddess, decides to make some Goddess Potholders. All I can say is wow. Is this the same very quiet and shy person I married two years ago? A friend said that Maria had to evolve as an outspoken artist and feminist if she was to survive being with me. She is doing better than surviving.

It was always there, and I always saw it there as she has always seen the better parts of me. Maria took to the Studio Barn like a bee to a hive, and every day, it is quite wonderful to see her grow, evolve and create. The Goddess Potholders are a amazing and they sell as quickly as Maria can make them. In them, she explores a new kind of feminine consciousness. Move Your Shoes. Love Your Body. Speak Up For Yourself. Celebrate menopause (the Goddess of Perimenopause says “Find Your Wings.”) In the world of consciousness, there is a nearly universal wariness about men, and this is the subtext of the Goddess Potholders and also the Streaming Pillows. I see it all the time. And she does it with gentleness, humor and style.       This was a day off of blogging for me, but when I saw the potholders, it just cranked up my own creative engine. I grabbed the camera.

The message for me? We can be what we wish to be. Find Your Wings, for sure. We are amazing creatures, all of us endowed with a creative spark. Some of us answer it’s call, some of us haven’t done that yet, or feel they cannot. Who could have imagined the creative promise of the humble potholder. See what my former girlfriend has done with it. The rewards are great. I think. Maria and I share our understanding of the power of encouragement. Each day, we encourage one another to do our walk, answer the call to live, unleash the creative spark. That’s what the Goddess Potholders say to me. I’m on the waiting list to get one. You can find out about them on Maria’s website.


Even menopause
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