29 February

Winter Pasture: Bedlam Farm

by Jon Katz
Winter Pasture: Bedlam Farm


Looks like a two-day storm but we’ll surely get out on Friday and make it to Madison, where I will gratefully accept the Charlotte Socolow Award for good writing for “Meet The Dogs Of Bedlam Farm,” my first children’s book. The second, “Lenore Finds A Friend,” is out this September. The award ceremony – 3 p.m. Saturday – is open to the public. Details here.

I took the redoubtable Lenore out for a good walk in the snow, and then a drive around before it got too heavy. I’ll put these winter pasture shots – we stopped and saw Rocky – up this evening. The first shot was of Bedlam Farm, and it looks especially sweet in the snow. The farm is up for sale, and I have a feeling this may be our last snowstorm here. Feels like it.

A very thoughtful reader just sent me some photos of Cartagena, Columbia, setting for “Love In The Time Of Cholera,” as she knew it is one of my favorite books. I appreciate it. She is there, and nice how technology can connect people like that. I love her photos. I think I need to go there.

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