30 April

The Angel In My Funhouse

by Jon Katz
The Angel In My Funhouse

I sent a text to my angel this morning,

And I got her automatic reply,

“Beulah is not available, she has taken a job

as a spiritual commentator,” and I shivered,

oh, not again. Last time she went to Wall Street

to manage a hedge fund.”

And I e-mailed her right away, and also left a voicemail.

What would God say about this gig?

And my Iphone pinged and she answered me

in seconds, as she always does, she sleeps with the

phone in her ear, and she said,

God is not easy to reach,

and harder to talk to. Like most men,

he is good at giving orders, but not listening.

Hey, I said, get out of Washington, it’s a hell-hole,

and come up here, to my funhouse.

This time, it took a bit longer for her to respond.


Yes, my funhouse, I said.

Where chickens dance.

And dogs

30 April

Photo Companion. Time To Come In?

by Jon Katz
Time to come in?

I love Mother, our murderous barn cat and constant photo companion. She seems to always be near me these days. When I go out to the barn. When I step out of the car. When I go to take the garbage out or bring the camera outside. I wonder if she wants to finally come into the farmhouse, to lead a softer life, a warmer life. Maria thinks not, she thinks Mother loves her life outside, and I trust Maria on these things, but something is different about Mother lately.

She does not go off on her two day hunting toots, and seems to always be near me, I think she is trying to tell me something.

30 April

Prayer In Spring

by Jon Katz
Give us the pleasure in flowers today

“Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers to-day;

And give us not to think so far away

As the uncertain harvest; keep us here

All simply in the springing of the year.


Oh, give us pleasure in the orchard white,

Like nothing else by day, like ghosts by night;

And make us happy in the happy bees,

That swarm dilating round the perfect trees.


And make us happy in the darting bird

That suddenly above the bees is heard,

The meteor that thrusts in with needle bill,

And off a blossom in mid air stands still.


For this is love and nothing else is love,

The which it is reserved for God above

To sanctify to what far ends He will,

But which it only needs that we fulfill.”

– Robert Frost, Prayer In Spring.

30 April

Bedlam Farm: Amazing Women

by Jon Katz
Bedlam Farm: Amazing Women

It belatedly occurred to me that I began a new series about the amazing women on Bedlam Farm and led it off with a chicken, rather than my wife. Since I have no wish to sleep in the barn or get whacked by a streaming piece, I am moving quickly to add the most amazing woman I have ever known to the series. She might not be as even-tempered as Fran, but she is amazing for sure.

I did not really conceive of a human being like Maria before I met her. I did not even know her until I was nearly 60, and I met her in a place you would  move to if you never expected to meet anybody – West Hebron, N.Y. We had a creative connection from the first, became best friends, and then, when we were both divorced, became lovers and partners. We have been married for two years, the best two years of my existence on this earth. Maria has opened me up, shown me how to love, shared my life. We both fell apart at about the same time, and helped one another climb out of the hole. It has been the joy of my life to see her amazing love of animals, her ability to communicate with them, but as importantly, her evolution as an artist and a genuinely creative soul.

Her work speaks for itself. She is selling everything she makes, almost as quickly as she can make it. We are truly one, we share our lives together, support one another. Like so many women, Maria has struggled to find her voice in a world where women still seem to have to navigate around men and male models of things. We have transcended that in our marriage and in our relationship I believe. I love Maria, obviously, but I also admire and respect her so much. I know how much she suffered and what she endured to move forward with her life. She is a hero to me.  Every day she teaches me something I need to know. I am  happy to report that she has found her voice, and it can be quite strong and loud. Good for her. Every minute with her is a blessing beyond imagination for me.

Yes, she is as amazing as any chicken you can find.

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