15 May

Chicken Meeting: Fran Whispers Of Life

by Jon Katz
Chicken Meeting

Every morning, after their corn meal and table scraps, the chickens gather under the lilac bush in front of the Pig Barn. I lay down sometimes and listen. And I imagine Fran is talking to the other chickens about life. Do not take it for granted, she says. Do not listen to hens who think the world is too grim a place in which to lay eggs. Do not live in fear, even though the fox is right up the hill, and I will always remember what his sharp teeth can do.

We can live a small and fearful life – the life everyone expects of us chickens – or we can live a larger life. Take our walks. Find our buds. Encourage one another to appreciate the good things we have – garbage, worms, bugs, the freedom to walk around. I can tell you, it can be taken away at any time. Life happens. Let’s go get some worms. I whisper to you of life and remind you not to waste it on foolish things and worries. Do not listen to the prophets of doom. They are the worms of existence.  (Be back Thursday.)

15 May

Into The Wild

by Jon Katz
Into The Wild

Each day, the camera reminds me of how much the leaves grow, how green they are at first, how solid and whole. For many years, I did not notice that, but the camera reminds me to notice it, and appreciate it every day. This grounds me, reminds me what is important, pulls me out of my sometimes dark and gloomy self. See the light, I think. Be back Thursday.

15 May

Each Day: Will You Marry Me?

by Jon Katz
Proposing To Each Day

Every morning, when I wake up,

I propose to the day.

Will you marry me?, I ask.

Be my partner, my love, in life? All day?

To the last minute?

I ask nothing from you,

other than your presence in my life.

And we exchange our vows.

I promise to be faithful, and loving.

To grow and learn and change.

To cherish each day,  forever.

To renew myself, and give rebirth to my life.

Each day, I vow, I will honor you.

By living my life.

Telling  my story.

Making something beautiful,

And affirming the light and beauty and promise of the world.

And my beloved day, I say, I will not diminish you or waste  you,

in fear. Or anger. Or argument. Or judgement.

Because you are a gift that I cherish,

And will never have again.

And then, wondrous and sacred day, if I keep my vows,

and do right by you, I will propose to you again,

first thing tomorrow.

And now, the bride and groom can kiss our kiss of life,

and walk down our aisle together.

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