6 August

George Forss and Donna Wynbrandt

by Jon Katz
George Forss and Donna Wynbrandt

As a photographer, I believe in taking photos of people and things that I love. It shows. It also shows if you photograph people who love, especially people who love one another. The brilliant photographer George Forss and the artist Donna Wynbrandt love one another and it shows in every photograph I take of them. They are very dear friends of Maria and I and I was pleased to see them show at my talk about “The Story Of Rose” at Battenkill Books. When the standing room only crowd had gone, the two sat and talked and Donna touched George in this tender way. Donna is sketching, as always, George is thinking through one of his amazing photographs.

This is the first portrait I’ve taken of them where you couldn’t really see either face, but I was struck by the tenderness in the image, something that is always present with them. They both have struggled and triumphed over struggle and share a creative bond that is one of the purest expressions of love.

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