5 September

Scary Time: Do What You Can

by Jon Katz
Do What You Can

“No matter how scared, or tired, or ill you are; no matter how lost, or confused, or desperate you become; no matter how lonely, depressed or cranky you feel…if you just do what you can, with what you have, from right where you are, it will always be enough.”

– The Law Of Relevance,” the Universe of Mike Dooley.

5 September

Pigeon One

by Jon Katz
Pigeon One

Pigeon One: Hey you watching the conventions?

Pigeon Two: Are you kidding? Why would a pigeon watch the conventions? No never mind to us who wins. There’s no national pigeon policy I know of unless they manage to wipe out the whole planet.

Pigeon One: What are the kids doing?

Pigeon Two: Well, Maria is cranking out a bunch of potholders and he’s freaking out about the new house, on the phone all morning with electricians and cable companies. He’s fussing over the money, you know, the usual.

Pigeon One: Nothing new. Stressful time. It’s always the same story with them.

Pigeon Two. They’re holding up, you have to cut them some slack. A lot going on.

Kind of cute, I think. Let’s go crap in the carriage barn.

Pigeon One: We have a whole forest to crap in.

Pigeon Two: The barns are more fun. Atmospheric. We can taunt that awful barn cat.

Pigeon One: What’s he doing? Is that a gun?

Pigeon Two: It’s his camera, he’s always pointing it at something. He’s pointing it at us.

Pigeon One: I’m kind of nervous. What will the new people be like?

Pigeon Two. Do your breathing. Don’t freak out about what you can’t control.

Pigeon One: Where did you learn that?

Pigeon Two: Oprah. She’s very spiritual.

5 September

Rose Still A NYTimes Bestseller. Announcing A Bedlam Farm Yard Sale

by Jon Katz
Still A Bestseller

Rose keeps on working. “The Story Of Rose: A Man And His Dog,” my first e-book original is on the New York Times Bestseller list coming out 9/16, the fourth week the book has been a New York Times Bestseller. Thank you all. The book is available everywhere digital books are sold – Amazon, Bn.com, Ibooks, Nook, Kindle, Ipad, smart phones, computers. It is an important work for me, personally – it is a tribute to my life with this wonderful dog – and professionally, my first venture into e-books, and a successful and creative one.


Other news: We have decided to have a Bedlam Farm Yard Sale to sell off the furniture, farm tables and chairs, art and other neat things we will not have room for in the new farm. Rather than sell them to an antiques dealer, we decided to offer them to the people who know and love the farm as much as we do.  Raise some money for the new pole barn also. The Bedlam Farm Yard Sale will be held on Saturday, October 20 (after the book tour for “Dancing Dogs”) at Bedlam Farm from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. First come first serve, obviously. More details to come, here and on Maria’s website.

5 September


by Jon Katz
Ben Spackling

Ben Osterhaudt has finished the repairs on our slate roof – couple of hard weeks in the sun for him, fending off bees and sun. It rained today and he moved quickly into the living room to spackle the walks in preparation for our painting them this weekend. We are torn between off white and light gray. Ben thinks we might consider light gray and Maria and I think he’s right.

Next week, he starts work on a shelter for the donkeys and the sheep and Todd Mason arrives to work on the fences. On Friday I meet the cable man. Getting cable installed for the first time in my computing life. Can’t wait for that.

Still, I have to concede that Maria and I are under pressure, more than we have ever been under, between selling the farm, fixing up the new place and preparing to move in. An expensive time, a draining time. I am very determined about getting into that place, it is where we belong. Had somebody come by for a second look at the farm, and they seem to like it. We’ll see. We have learned to be cautious.

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