17 September

Making Time For Stillness. For Life. Farm Hell.

by Jon Katz
Making Time For Stillness

All kinds of farm hell broke loose this morning, after I posted my first blog. Tess, one of Maria’s sheep was in so much pain walking that she just sat down. I had a computer crisis and trouble with my photo program. An interview I forgot about was scheduled for 9 a.m. and I had to shift into book tour mode, walking around the pasture on my cell phone.  The waterer didn’t work and the sheep wouldn’t move, since Tess couldn’t move. Red almost lost it. My Google ad program go messed up and had to be fix and I need to get to the new house to deal with fences, restorations, barns, and Rocky. Maria and I look at each other and had the same thought. Let’s meditate for a few minutes, and so we did. We sat down with the dogs at our feet and took some deep breaths. At first we thought we were just too busy to meditate.

Then we realized we were too busy not to mediate. I need to make time for stillness for peace, to shed all the detritus life surrounds us with – anger, alarm, conflict, technology, the “crises” of life. And take time for us. For stillness. For peace. Off to the new house.



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