19 October

Lighting Up The New Bedlam Farm

by Jon Katz
Lighting up the New Bedlam Farm

Florence Walrath was not a person for devices or high utility bills. We have had to completely rewire the house, courtesy of Will Lindenoll, a master electrician. He upgrated the main house to 200 amps and is bringing power to Maria’s studio barn and to the big barn. He says the fixtures in a barn are a serious hazard and have to come out. So there are wires and equipment all over the place. He hopes to be done next week. Maria will have power in her studio this afternoon, and soon, to the big barn. We need to get heated buckets out to the sheep and the donkeys and Rocky soon, it is starting to get cold. As with all old farms, it is a lot more complicated and expensive that we thought. That seems to be the rule. It is going to be a great place to live.

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