19 October

Saying Goodbye: Last Day On Bedlam Farm

by Jon Katz
Last Day

Today will usher in the last full day and night I will ever spend on Bedlam Farm, my home since 2003, a place of great adventure, discovery, pain and awakening for me. And of love, that too. Love of Maria, the dogs, the other animals here. Love of my work, my writing and my photography. When I think of the farm I most often think of those first weeks and months, me and Rose against some monumental blizzards, tests, challenges and struggles. So much has happened here, I cannot really even begin to grasp it. Life and death, loss and gain, and always the creative spark, fired up here, coming right out of the ground.

Tomorrow Ben and some other friends will show up in the morning and we will load our lives into trucks and move to the new farm. The chickens and cats will come on Sunday. Caretaker arrives on Monday. I feel quite overwhelmed, and I am just surrendering to it, can’t really stop it. So much change in my life, so many things to adjust, figure out, adapt to. I will be posting throughout the day until I disconnect the computers tomorrow and move them all. Hope to be back online Saturday afternoon.

Tonight, we need to paint my new office – I am torn between sage green and pale yellow – and then come back here and find a way to say goodbye to this wonderful farm, still waiting for someone to love and buy it. I love you, Bedlam, is all I can say for now, and thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing me to life and giving me more gifts than I can recount or repay.

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