26 November

Poem: Meditating On The Wondrous Works. The Kingdom Of Grace, Imagination.

by Jon Katz
Wondrous Works

 Meditation On The Wondrous Works

Meditation is a serious business, an ancient practice, a lost art in the texting world, in the long lines and crowded aisles and jammed parking lots of Gray Thursday, Black  Friday, Plaid Friday, Cyber Monday, Cash Mobs in the land of the lost Thanksgiving.

Never mind the perfect storm, this one washes everything away, not just the houses on the water but the spirits and faith of the familes far inland. They are transfixed, rushing to discounts and bargains, enchanted,  a billion dollars washed over the Promised Land on one new day, and a  new holy day is born. There is nothing more wondrous than this, say the new priests on their money blogs. It is good, the merchants say. It is here to stay.

Alone again on the other side of the mountain, I  meditate each day on the wondrous works of the Lord:

– Of the donkeys’ bray. Of the foxes’s shadow. Of the buck who laughs at the hunters, watching them in shadow.

-And the leaves of the old birch tree putting on their show against the old red barn.

–  Of the soft clucking of the hens as they hop off their roost. And the mouse skittering for his life across the barn floor, the barn cat sitting on the hay, her tail flicking.

– Of the working dog, in his steady crouch. In the crunching of hay in the mouths of the sheep.

– In the seething clouds, painting the shadows on the pasture.

– In the hum of the sewing machine.

– In the lonely calls of the geese, rushing South.

– In the whine of the big trucks, rushing along the road.

I would be good, be faithful, be wise, but for what purpose?

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven? I don’t think so, not me.

Forgive me, Lord.

I am seeking a different place, the key to another world, the

Kingdom of Grace, the Kingdom of Imagination.

26 November

The Love Dog. The Sponsor.

by Jon Katz
Miss Lenore. Sponsor

Lenore is fond of her new home, of her couch behind me when I work. The Love Dog is maturing, but still an ambassador of love.  This is the second week that Fromm Family Food has put its banner ad at the top of the Farm Journal Page. I am getting a lovely response from people who use this food and those who are trying it. This is the food Lenore, Red and Frieda eat and I am happy to welcome Fromm, a family-owned independent premium dog food company, to this blog. The add is at the top of the page, feel free to check it out.

26 November

Cash Mob: Battenkill Books All Day

by Jon Katz
Virtuous Cash Mob

The Virtual Cash Mob at Battenkill Books is a hit, when Red and I arrived this morning, Connie was in shock from the calls and e-mails she was trying to process. I took calls from London, Louisiana, Iowa, California, Illinois and Texas. The Cash Mob is the response of local businesses to the corporate shopping juggernaut that used to be called Thanksgiving. Me and some other writers – Jenna Woginrich, James Kunstler, Megan Mayhew Bergman – are asking readers to support us and a great local bookstore, Battenkill books by buying our books through the store. We will sign and personalize all of them. You can call Connie Brooks at 518 677-2515 or visit her website – www.battenkillbooks.com. She takes PayPal and will ship anywhere in the world.

This is a struggle for individuality, the survival of small businesses, and for community. It is sure nice to see all those orders for my books too. Thanks for those who have and will participate. I will be back at Battenkill Tuesday morning from 11 a.m. to 12:30 to take additional calls if anyone wants to speak with me. It is great fun to talk to people who have been reading my blog and books for some years. My family, in so many ways. The cash mob goes on all day today and beyond, and Connie has signed Bedlam Farm notecards to give away as well.

Several people drove some good distances – some from Connecticut – to meet me, and of course, Red, who seemed a much bigger hit than me. He is a rogue, he loves blondes.


You may notice on the top of my website an ad for Fromm Family Foods, the first ever sponsor of www.bedlamfarm.com This is the food my dogs eat and I am happy to have it on my website. Check it out.

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