6 December

Afternoon Shadows: Reverie. Buddha, Cactus, Water.

by Jon Katz
Afternoon Shadows

I woke up early today to work on my e-book about the challenge of training dogs in America – an empowerment book, I hope – and so by late afternoon, I was tired. I wrote about eight thousand words today and my brain was empty. I sat for a few minutes in a chair in the living room, and I saw the afternoon sun creeping along the wall. On the table next to me was a small wooden Buddha that Maria and I bought in Brattleboro, Vt. a few years ago. Next to it is a cactus Maria has been nurturing for years, and next to that a plastic water bottle. And the sun was moving all of these images along the wall and I picked up my wonderful camera, my friend, and I took a photo of it. It was a  reverie in shadow, a mix of meaning and symbol and message.


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