31 May

“Listening To Dogs: How To Be Your Own Training Guru”

by Jon Katz
Listening To Dogs
Listening To Dogs

My e-book “Listening To Dogs: How To Be Your Own Training Guru” has been out for four days, is atop most of the dog training lists in the online world and we have had an intense and useful week of discussions on Facebook and elsewhere. I will keep the topics coming on dog training next week.  “Listening To Dogs” is available everywhere digital books are sold, it costs $2.99. It is an empowerment book, I am challenging the idea that we can’t do much of the training of our dogs ourselves, without a lot of expensive and sometimes didactic gurus.

We had some great interactions this week, and today had a groundbreaking and civil discussion about Cesar Milan and dog training theories. It was very informative and interesting, it is on my Facebook page. We battled all week about whether Milan is abusive (I think he is not) and traded a lot of good information in the process.

There are lots of great trainers in the world, and I appreciate them, and many have responded favorably to my book as good trainers love to see dog owners take more initiative and responsibility for training their dogs. I am already working on my next e-book, “Love And Light From Bedlam Farm,” a collection of some of my photographs from the farm, especially those dealing with color and light. That will be in July or August. In the meantime, I’m far from done with this one. Thank you for your interest in this book and your support of it. I am putting together the next phase of my writing life, and it has lots of elements – the blog, podcasts, new subscription options, Facebook, PInterest, etc. Exciting to be a writer now.

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