21 July

Brenda And My Photo

by Jon Katz
Thanks Brenda
Thanks Brenda

Brenda and her friend Barbara drove up to Washington County from Atlanta Saturday to come to the Open House, they were among the first people here and the first thing they did was buy my photo of “Queen Flo” and her court, the hens. I appreciate her love of this photo. Barbara has a very early photo of Lulu, bought four or five years ago, and she had a private meeting with Lulu to catch up.

This photo stuff is a significant evolution for me, something is very different, I sold a $100 photo of Flo on Friday. I’ve decided to do something different with my photography. This one was larger, it sold for $150. I will continue to offer them for free for use in any way people wish, I don’t copyright or bookmark them. When I take one I love, I will have it printed on good archival paper and matted well and sell it unframed for what it cost me to do. I will do this occasionally, maybe five or six times a year (maybe the next one at the September 1 Open House). In September I will have some of the photos I entered in the Washington County Fair, so there might be a blue ribbon.

I thank Barbara and Brenda for coming up to the Open House, for loving my work and Maria’s, for buying my photo. I hope the trip was worth it for them, they sure helped make it worthwhile for us. It was quite wonderful to see how the photos play out when people come – dozens of people photographed Red, many photograph the back porch, which seems to have struck a chord. You never know.

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