21 July

Poem: Come To My Party, Dance On My Jeweled Floor

by Jon Katz
Dance On My Jeweled Floor
Dance On My Jeweled Floor

“If God invited you to a party, and said:

“Everyone on the dance floor tonight will be my favorite

and special guest, how would you treat

the others when they arrived?

Listen to me, dear loves,

Come to my party,

walk on clouds of morning light

hear the sweet music of my magical chorus,

angels and cherubims and fairies in black gowns,

wash your skin in a bed of Dahlias

that brush against your cheeks,

and tickle your arms and set you on fire,

and make you all steamy

and soft with their sexiness,

Who is there in all the world, who will not swirl

upon my jeweled dance floor,

and ride in a chariot trailing a million

sparking lights?”

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