21 July


by Jon Katz
What To Expect?
What To Expect?

Up early, getting ready for the Open House. I don’t really know what to expect, 2,000 people or 200. An important weekend for us. Sharing our new home. Giving people a chance to see Maria’s new art, Red herding, Simon cuddling. The weekend feels very good. Red graduated from therapy dog school Saturday, the weather is great, I’m getting lovely e-mails from people driving up to see us.

This morning I’ve got to walk the dogs (giving Maria some rest, she will need it) get ice and carrots, pick up a scone for her from the Round House Cafe, mow a bit more, tidy up the yard, feed cats and chickens, brush donkeys, take a photo or two, brush Red a bit. Lenore has strained her back, got to keep people from tossing sticks and balls for her. Jack Macmillian is helping with parking, he is taking down a limb hanging over the pasture gate, good man, good friend. We are getting ready on this beautiful day to share our lives, it feels so right.

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