16 September

Small Miracles, Daily Miracle. Love, Love, Love.

by Jon Katz
Daily Miracle
Daily Miracle

This morning, I got up early, I was restless, my mind was racing, I wanted to sit and read and think and perhaps write, and in an hour or so, I saw Maria coming down the stairs, and I thought how wonderful, she is my Daily Miracle, she is my light to the world. I never take the sight of her for granted, her radiant smile, her generosity of spirit, her artistry.  I try and tell her every time I see her how much Iove her, how much I appreciate her, how much she has done for me, how wonderful it is to be loved, how much I admire her. I am not drawn to sappiness or public displays of emotion, yet I am overwhelmed sometimes at this miracle,  at the power of her warmth, her smile, her love and support.

She is the manifestation of all that is good in the world, her warmth and love of people and nature. I never imagined being loved in such a way, never thought it possible, never even really knew what it was. It is the point. Never quit on love, on small miracles, on the daily miracle of love. So love, love, love.

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