1 November

Red’s World. Cont.

by Jon Katz
Red's World
Red’s World

Like so many of the better working dogs, Red is profoundly grounded at work, and sometimes at sea elsewhere. He has trouble navigating smooth floors, glass partitions, is rattled by loud or strange sounds – sounds from the computer or a TV make him crazy. Out in the pasture, he is solid as a cement block, and I think it is this groundedness that has made Simon comfortable around him, gotten him to trust this strange little creature.

Red never looks at Simon or reacts to him, his whole demeanor and body language suggest he is not looking for conflict or trouble, he is no threat to the donkeys. This has permitted Simon to get close to Red, to get his smell, to trust him and see him as a member of the pasture who belongs there, not as a hyper intruder. Often now, Simon will seek Red out and stand by or next to him. Red does not react to this – ever – nor does it bother or distract him.

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