7 November

Blog Apps Misbehaving, Welcome Back

by Jon Katz
Welcome Back
Welcome Back

Some technical issues yesterday involving the mobile app and some other stuff I don’t understand kept recent blog posts (from yesterday) out of tablets, mobile phones and some tablets and desktops,  I think it is fixed now and you can scroll backwards and catch up on the posts you missed if this happened to you – most of the posts  related to the death of Tess, animal spirituality and other things. The good people at Mannix Marketing got on it and I think all is working well now. Life happens, nowhere more so than with technology.

It’s nice that when this happens, I hear about it instantly from people all over the place – it is humbling that the blog is missed. Some people assume that if there is no blog, I must be dead or in trouble, which is also telling. I learned when I was a reporter that bad news travels fast, good news more slowly. Welcome back.

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