30 January

Donkey Welcome: Brays Of Love, “Talking To Animals” Update.

by Jon Katz
"Talking To Animals"
“Talking To Animals”

It is always a bit of a surprise when I encounter the “Donkey Hello” after a trip, all three come rushing out braying loudly, they are excited to see me, they put their warm snouts into my hand to see what treats I am offering them, we gave them carrots, alfalfa chunks, some oat cookies to chew on.

I was glad to see them, sometimes I think they notice our absence more than the dogs, perhaps because the brays are so long, loud and joyous. I wanted to give you an update on my Kickstarter Project, “Talking To Animals,” it is now at 151 per cent of the funding goal, people have contributed $13,677 to my project, a book and e-book about finding a new language for communicating with animals, talking to them and listening to them.

There are still 12 days to go before the project funding ends on Kickstarter, it will be funded on February 12, and I appreciate the pledging that is still coming in, I will put it to good use. I’ve offered several rewards, from signed books to photos and updates, most people don’t want anything back. I’m excited about this project, this idea has been germinating for 15 years and I have been listening to my animals and learning how to communicate with them during that mine. Maria has a whisperer’s gift for talking to animals, life with her has focused this project and deepened it, I have a lot of theories about how differently women communicate with animals than most men.

I thank you for the pledges, past, present and future. I will head for B&H Photo in New York when the project is officially funded and share the process with you, as always.

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