10 February

The Divine Old Dog Looks To Me

by Jon Katz
The Divine Old Dog
The Divine Old Dog

In the morning, the Divine Old Dog finds the sun,

she looks to me, she seems to be asking me something,

“where am I in life?” I think,

“what is happening to me?”

My legs, she says, are sore,

they don’t carry me far or fast,

I can’t catch that chipmunk in the yard,

I have always loved to run in the snows,

but my paws sting in the cold,

I need the sun,

like a cat.

I know where you are, Divine Old Dog,

I say, this is the glory and mystery of life,,

fix yourself on the scent of light

and life,

hunt for peace and comfort,

that is your work now,

Divine Old Girl.

And her eyes say thank you,

they are filled with love and gratitude,

I will still protect you, she says,

to the end,

I know, I say, I know.

She looks at me once more,

can I talk to you again?

Anytime, anytime.

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