24 June

Nurse Ratched: Living In Tyranny With The “Big Nurse”

by Jon Katz
Nurse Ratched
Nurse Ratched

Lest you read any more messages about how sweet my wife is, you ought to consider this photo of her demonstrating to me what I look like since my oral surgery this morning. She is having a swell time laughing at me, calling me Quasimodo and telling me that  I am drooling, my cheek is handing down into my chin, my nose is hanging down on the side of my face. She has been bullying me, she yelled at me to stop taking photos, walking around,  working and yelled at me to lie down and be quiet. She will not give me my painkillers for two more hours, not a minute earlier.

This is tyranny reminiscent of Nurse Ratched, (also known as “The Big Nurse”) immortalized as an iron-willed battleaxe in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Fortunately I was able to get photo of her making fun of me before she cracked up laughing at the sight of me, as she has been doing all day. Not the sweet and tender animal nurturer we see on Facebook brushing the donkeys, eh? Can you handle the truth? Photos do not lie.

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