13 November

Welcome To My New Computer

by Jon Katz
Welcome To My New Computer
Welcome To My New Computer

Welcome to my new computer, it is a beautiful thing, and it will mark another passage in my creativity and my life. This computer is my partner, my voice to the world, the repository of my imagination, the place for my books, my blogs, my photos, many of my links to the world beyond my farm.

I am not interested in the gee whiz tech stuff of the Imac, although the clarity and power and speed are amazing to me, since I started writing on one of the first machines that Steve Jobs created and sold. I ask that you wish me luck with it, and that you send your good wishes and spirits here, through the ether, to this machine and to the work I hope to do with it and on it. I have been transferring data all morning, I am almost done. I have an urge to go see “Interstellar” the movie, I always go to the movies when I feel a bit lonely, and I feel a bit lonely today.

I am grateful for this machine. I will do well on it, for you, for me.

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