16 December

If I Had A Card: Happy Holidays

by Jon Katz
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays

I took this photo a couple of days ago of me and Maria on a walk early in the morning as the sun came up over the hills. I didn’t even see the star she was somehow¬† holding up, she surprises me constantly. I’ve never made holiday cards in my life, I’m not sure why, I guess it’s because I get the chance to express myself writing and in other ways. If I were to do a holiday card, this might be the one, and it reminds me to wish you all a happy holiday, whatever it is you celebrate.

We are celebrating Christmas by going to Boston for a day or two next week and then returning to the farm on Christmas Eve to spend the day quietly together with the animals, maybe a friend or two. I am grateful for all of you, and wish you peace and compassion. I hope the new year brings you everything you wish and want and work to have.

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