19 February

Poem: Divine Old Dogs Never Die

by Jon Katz
Divine Old Dogs Never Die
Divine Old Dogs Never Die:Saying Goodbye

I said goodbye to the Divine Old Dog,

she was ready to leave.

Where do you go, I asked?

I can tell you this, she said,

looking sly,

we do not go to the other side of any bridge,

to sit and wait for you,

and we do not die.


We run and run, in gold fields,

on strong legs with no more pain,

we run

in woods and valleys,

in forests, by streams,

we eat berries, mice,

rabbits and moles,

we pluck fish out of crystal streams,

we roll in offal and feces,

eat the bulbs of flowers,

fight and chase one another,

lie in the sun,

chew what we please,

make love day and night,

sleep in packs, in warm, dark dens,

we wait for the angels, to find us

new people,

to save.

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