5 April

Coming Home: What Are They Telling Each Other?

by Jon Katz
Coming Home
Coming Home

Maria got home from her trip to Blue-Star Equiculture this morning and one of the first things she did, as she always does, was go see her beloved donkeys, Lulu and Fanny. They talk, these three, they catch up on the news of one another, exchange feelings and thoughts and images. I see it every day.

What are they saying? They probably are telling her how I did without her, she is definitely showing them the horses and telling them about Chloe, the pony that will soon be sharing their lives. I think she is saying she is glad to see them, and they are scanning her, to see how she did on her trip.

I love how donkeys talk, they stand behind people and simply soak up their feelings. Donkeys, like all domesticated animals, need people. They would suffer greatly without them.

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