6 April

At The Bog: “I Gotta A Girl Crush.” We Danced.

by Jon Katz
"I Gotta Girl Crush"
Kelly at the bar

Kelly’s smile is natural, warm and welcoming. She is a strong and beautiful woman. We see it often at the Bog, a bar/roadhouse with the best burgers around, a cozy bar and a loud jukebox. Some people played Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush,” and I asked Maria to dance. We got up and danced to it, a sweet, slow country song, it was a special moment, they don’t usually dance at the Bog, we inspired another couple to get up and dance with us.

We don’t often get to dance up here, but we both love it when we get to do it, it is, I have learned, important to be open and intimate, to touch, to show love, make love, to never take love for granted or leave it unspoken for long. Tonight, the Bog (Foggy Notions is it’s full name) became one of our favorite places. We went there to talk about our days, we had so many things to catch up on. Maria talked about her riding lesson on Chloe, her pony, I told her about Paul Moshimers trip up here tomorrow, he is staying over and on Wednesday, he and I and Ken Norman, our farrier are all going to Vermont so Paul can take Sarge, a blind horse, to Blue-Star, where he will live and get some medical treatment.

I want to see the horse, but I am urging Blue-Star to consider a gofundme page to raise money for Sarge’s care, I gather it will be expensive. He is, I gather, totally blind in one eye and partially impaired in the other. More to come.

The lyrics were perfect for me:

“I gotta girl crush, hate to admit it but

I gotta heart rush, ain’t slowin down

I got it real ba, want everything she has,

That smile and the midnight laugh she’s givin’ you now.”
“Girl Crush” by Little Big Town.

6 April

Multi-Grain Snack For The Donkeys

by Jon Katz
Visit To The Donkeys
Visit To The Donkeys

My friend Scott Carrino came over to the farm after work today, he brought some treats for the donkeys and the chickens, day-old multi-grain boule and apple slices. Lulu and Fanny warmed up in a hurry, although these are donkeys used to regular infusions of gourmet food, treats and carrots. Scott was a big hit, he has become a donkey lover, he loved Simon, but is working on getting to know Lulu and Fanny.

6 April

What? Butt-Sniffing A Herding Dog. Adventures Of Red

by Jon Katz
Butt-Sniffed Herding Dog
Butt-Sniffed Herding Dog

Sometimes I think there is a secret scheme launched by the donkeys and the sheep to throw Red off his work and rattle his self-control. He has been butted, ignored by lambs, blocked by Liam, nosed by Pumpkin. Simon tried more than once to stomp or bite him, and Lulu and Fanny are on a new campaign to stand in front of him, block his sight, sniff his butt, push him aside.

Red has so far resisted all of these challenges, I could not figure out what Lulu and Fanny were doing, but Red is not distractable when he is in the pasture, he can not be thrown off of his game or deterred. I do not know a lot of dogs who would keep their eyes on their work while two donkeys were nosing his rear end.

Red did not blink. I wish I could focus my life like that.

6 April

Poem: Happiness Is The Great Work

by Jon Katz
Love Is The Great Work
Love Is The Great Work

Happiness is the Great Work,

that flows beneath the mountain,

Love Is The Great Work,

that shines beneath

The City On The Hill,

and warms the universe

Creativity Is The Great Work,

that polishes the soul,

and charms the universe,

we are all apprentices,

studying the great works,

trembling before our teacher,

doubting our own wisdom,

She reveals the wonders of encouragement,

that she is  hiding,

in her crystal cup.

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