6 April

Poem: Windowsill Gallery. Pray For Me.

by Jon Katz
Pray For Me
Pray For Me

In the morning, the first light strikes my Madonna,

praying in her corner, head bowed,

She is, I think praying for me.

Good luck in this day,

she prays, my your words find

heart, may they fly out into the world,

like the l angels and cherubs,

may your stories take flight,

and catch the wind,

and live,

may they reach open minds,

and full hearts.

May the light and color of the world,

find you, and caress you,

inspire your pictures,

may they enter the dark

corners of the world, and

brighten them,

may those that love you speak the truth to you,

even when it is is hard for you to hear,

and may you,

stand in your truth, this day and every other.

to you, and may you look back on this day,

and say, I lived, I lived, I lived.

Blessings to you, and peace

and compassion.

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