12 August

Joy, Joy: Fate Adopts The Meadow

by Jon Katz
Fate's Joy
Fate’s Joy

Fate has adopted the meadow near our home, we walk by there almost every morning. It is so sweet to see how this puppy has adopted this meadow, taken it over. Her joy at life is infectious, she’s like a Corgi or a Lab puppy – you can’t look at her without smiling. She is an adventurer and an explorer.

She romps in the meadow, diving in the grass, scattering birds, mice, chipmunks. She chases butterflies, digs for water, flushes rabbits out of their holes. She eats choice wildflowers, leaps up and down, vanishes in the grass, pops up here, then there. She never kills anything, but she loves to chase everything.

She always comes out where she went in, and sometimes we get nervous when some time goes by and we don’t see or hear here. She has her secret and special places out there, she pops up like Waldo, here and then there. Sometimes she runs, sometimes she hops.  She has made the meadow her  home away from home, it lifts the hear to see it. I am taking a collection of Fate in the meadow shots, she inspires me to love my life.

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