19 September

Strong Women At Bedlam Farm. Trump Would Not Be Loved Here

by Jon Katz
Not Get Along Here
Strong women at Bedlam Farm

Bedlam Farm is a place where very strong women reside. Zelda, who has knocked me down more than once, Fate, the Joy dog with an iron will, Lulu and Fanny, relentlessly stubborn donkeys, Chloe, the independent pony with her own agenda, Flo the Barn Cat, the Queen of the back yard, the imperious hens, and my wife Maria, whose will is iron.

Lately, the battle of the pasture is centering on Zelda and Red, who take turns backing one another down. I think this is a fight Fate will ultimately win, but I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of these two. I was fantasizing today about Donald Trump, who say she gets along with everybody, I think he would not fare well among these powerful women at Bedlam Farm.

He would get butted, stomped, bitten and pecked, maybe kicked as well. I’m not sure what Maria would do with him, possibly puncture him with one of her sharp needles. He would not draw a big crowd here, and if he did, he wouldn’t like it.

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