4 October

Carrying A Calf: Bejosh Farm

by Jon Katz
Carrying A Calf
Carrying A Calf

Visiting the Gully Farm, I’m reminded again and again how difficult the farmer’s live is, how long the hours, how dirty and physical the work. Ed and Carol Gulley are great animal lovers, as most farmers are. It is not a line of work for people who do not love animals, and the Gulley’s are very tender and loving with theirs.

But the work is brutal. Ed had to carry a new born calf to his truck for some special feed and then put an IV in his mother’s neck so she could get some calcium. She was weak from the birth. It is sometimes wrenching to see how hard the Gulley’s work – they milk twice a day – how relentless the chores and demands are,  how quirky and unpredictable the federal system of milk pricing really is.

They are good and admirable people, an inspiration to me. Maria has seen the artist in Ed, it has obviously been there all of his life, it is on display everywhere on the farm. He calls it Junk Art. It is really junk re-imagined. I imagine a lot of art is made in that way.

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