6 December

Sadie’s Inspection: The Gulley Farm

by Jon Katz
Sadie's Inspection
Sadie’s Inspection

Sadie is like a member of the Gulley Family. She has spent time in the house, she follows Carol and Ed all over the farm, I think she has decided to be a lab. She sleeps out with the cows and comes into the milking parlor at milking time. She is much loved and pretty much goes where she wants.

She follows them everywhere, everything is her business. She never goes into the road.

Ed took us on an inspection of his new addition, every bit being built by himself and Carol, Sadie ate some wood and gnawed on some construction tape – Ed cautioned her not to eat the construction permit – “that cost me some money,” and she didn’t. Sadie also tried to eat Maria’s dress and picked the handkerchief right out of my pocket. She’s a sweetie.

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