14 December

Farm Rescue: Ken Norman Brings Water Tires To Joshua Rockwood

by Jon Katz
Water Tires To Joshua
Water Tires To Joshua

Ken Norman and his family – his wife Eli-Anita Norman and his daughter Nikilene – came to West Wind Acres Farm in Glenville, N.Y. today to bring five giant tires to Joshua Rockwood so he can use them as tire water tanks and be prepared for the winter we all know is on the way.

Last year, Joshua was arrested¬† on 13 counts of animal cruelty, hundreds of farmers and animal lovers have rallied to support Joshua, including Ken, who studied all of the charges and pronounced them “bullshit misdemeanors and not even that.” Few words but wise ones.

Ken is a good friend and a life-long farrier and rescuer and champion of horses. I could not begin to describe all of the people and animals Ken and Eli have helped, including me. No one loves animals more than he does or is more blunt and direct. His support of Joshua meant a lot to me, and to Joshua as well.

If he says the charges are bullshit, that is what they are. I saw this for myself as well.

I met the Norman family when they came and dropped off these tires, I took some photos and did a short video of Ken, and I’ll write about the trip this evening and also tomorrow. It was special, I was moved by it. Nikiilene is also well known as the Bedlam Farm Barn Fairy, she has been visiting us for most of her life, and is an enchanting and daring human being, I remember her meeting our donkeys and leaping on Fanny’s back to take ride. She is fearless around animals and a joy to photograph. At Joshua’s farm, she had a great race with the pigs.¬† More later, got some chores to do.

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