11 January

(Hopefully) Last Court Hearing For Joshua Rockwood Tomorrow

by Jon Katz
Last Court Hearing
Court Hearing for Joshua Rockwood

As promised, I’ve been checking with the Glenville, N.Y. Town Court and was told this morning that the next and hopefully last court hearing for Joshua Rockwood will be Tuesday, (tomorrow) January 12 at 5 pm. at the Glenville, N.Y., Town Court. I am hopeful that this will be the end of Joshua’s ordeal, and a vindication for him from the animal cruelty charges lodged against him last February during that awful winter cold.

I am not privy to the legal maneuverings but I do believe this injustice is coming to and end and will be rectified, as much as is possible. Our legal system is never cheap and not always rational, but I do believe in it it is the best one we have, or that most people have. Your support of Joshua has been immeasurable and invaluable. He can speak for yourself, but you have done much good, and hopefully you will see some of the fruit of your good will and support this week.

I have no feelings of gloating over this, I believe the prosecutors acted in good faith, given the information and understanding they had, and the complex politics and money that shroud questions relating to animals and their rights. They and the police were caught in a messy middle.  This is a significant case, and it will affect almost everyone who loves animals, farms with them, or lives with them. More about that later.

It seems that Joshua will also get his horses back, and that will be the true ending of this drama for him, and hopefully for his family. Now, the task of rebuilding his life, his reputation,  and his farm. But congratulations are still a bit premature, justice takes its own course and in its own time. I’ll be in Glenville Court tomorrow to see what I believe is the end of this chapter. And to hopefully give Joshua a hug and join with many other good people in cheering him on. I think you did it.

He is threatening to buy me lunch, or I am threatening him about buying me lunch. We’ll see.

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