31 January

Restoration: The Dining Room Comes To Life

by Jon Katz
The Living Room Comes To Life
The Living Room Comes To Life

We began putting the dining room back to life after a furious but happy 24-hour restoration, spearheaded by my artist partner and wife. Yesterday, she painted the ceiling turquoise. She decided to paint the table rather than the lower panels of the yellow walls.

I was dispatched to the trendy and interesting Hubbard Hall Store on Main Street to buy two paper light fixtures to brighten up the room, the star on the far wall, a red globe in the corner. Maria moved a small table into the room and put a neat old lamp on it.

The dining room was built in the center of our 1840 farmhouse, it gets no direct sunlight (probably since the kitchen was added on) and is the darkest room in the house. This year, we took the grimy and dark wallpaper off and Maria painted the walls. This weekend, she decided to go further, trying this and that, changing her mind about 100 times, pretending to need my opinion, but most often, ignoring it.

I offered encouragement, ran errands, went with her to hardware store, did some sanding and painting, and this evening, I was allowed to paint the table (second coat). I am very happy to watch this creative firestorm swirl, it is a beautiful thing to see Maria take on a creative project like this, she is a whirlwind of ideas and energy.

The room is transformed now, the new ceiling paint reflects the light, the bright colors and lamps and table warm up the room. For me, a special thrill, these are always things that were mysterious to me, that I had to pay other people to do. I can’t do what Maria does, but I can be part of it and help. And, of course, somebody has to record the event for posterity. I love the new dining room.

We are making our farmhouse into our own, this is where we belong now.

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