16 March

Flo And The Rapunzel Chair. The Mystery Of Cats

by Jon Katz
Flo And The Rapunzel Chair
Flo And The Rapunzel Chair

Barn cats – all cats, I guess – are elusive and mystical. There is a mystery about them. I’ve always called this chair the Fiber Chair, Maria refers to it as the Rapunzel Chair, and she is the artist, so it is the Rapunzel Chair from now on for me as well. Something about this chair attracts the barn cats, they love it. they are always sitting on it or near it or staring at it, as if it will suddenly turn into juicy mouse.

I will never know what draws the cats to this artistic creation, the dogs never pay the slightest attention to it. Flo supervises the work and checks it out every morning.

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