6 April

On The Hampton Beach Boardwalk

by Jon Katz
The Hampton Beach  Boardwalk
The Hampton Beach Boardwalk

Hampton Beach, N.H., is not a tacky town,but parts of its Boardwalk are deliciously and aggressively tacky, as any shore town Boardwalk ought to be. The range of and diversity of fried and unhealthy foods are astonishing, and even on a cold day, you can smell the aromas coming out of those shops and restaurants – sausage, fried dough, pizza, corn dogs, chocolate french fries.

There are people who only eat vegetables and organic food, there are people who eat what they like, they will go down with a smile on their faces. They are very American.

It is revealing how much Americans love their fried and greasy food, they will never give them up, even if it kills them, which it often does. I loved the colors, this block is a work of art in itself.

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