28 May

Fate’s Saturday Adventure

by Jon Katz
Fate's Saturday Adventure
Fate’s Saturday Adventure

Fate had a great Saturday adventure. She came with us to the hardware store, for coffee at the Round House Cafe to Yushak’s store and deli in Shushan to pick up some meat for Scott at the Round House Cafe – Scott had  no car today and then to the town dump where we dropped off our garbage and recycling.

She is doing wonderfully on her rounds. In the hardware store, she rushes behind the counter where the staff keeps the biscuits, gets three or four treats and greets the customers. They she rushed back out into the car. This morning was her first appearance in the cafe, she seemed right at home, and Scott had a treat to give her.

She had great fun at the dump, where our friend Bob came out with some biscuits. He was rewarded with a kiss on the nose. Fate loves people – all people – and she is learning not to jump on everyone she loves. It was great bringing her around with us.

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