16 June

The Trump World: In The End, What Matters Most…

by Jon Katz
What Matters Most
What Matters Most

It seems to me that the outer world has split into two distinct universes sometimes: the Trump World, and the Other World. To me, it isn’t really a matter of politics but a very personal and individualistic matter. What kind of world do I wish to live in, what kind of person do I wish to be?

I don’t write this out of argument, nobody needs me to promote more arguments, and I’m not interested in telling you what to think or in your telling me what to think. My blog is not a place for politics and argument, there is plenty of that around. But I do have the responsibility of sharing my life, and we do have to deal the cards we have been given and argument and conflict seem to be our cards right now.

It is ubiquitous, even as we try to mourn tragedies and sorrows, it pops up everywhere, every day, part of the fabric of our lives. We can’t really run from it or hide from it.

But these are not my cards, really, my life is not an argument. The very male idea of conflict and domination is suffocating sometimes, I like to think it is making its last stand. I like to think the women are rising to save us, and our precious world.

I follow the ideas about finding our own centers, our own firm ground,  that the Dalai Lama has advanced, he is a wise and good human being.

In the end what matters is

How well you love,

How well did you live,

How well did you learn to let go.

I do not spend my life in argument, more wonder. I work every single day on how well I love, how well I live, how well I am learning to let go.

I feel like a make a bit of progress every day, and some days I stumble and fall, even fall backwards, and then, the next day, I get up and get to work again. I am getting there, farther than than I have ever gotten, with a long ways to go. I have come to understand that how I love and life is a work in progress, I will never get there, the point is the journey.

I let go of my many mistakes and failures and disappointments,  I release them every day as the sun sets, and set out once more on the path. That is my hero journey,  how I live in the time of Trump, a time that ultimately binds us all together just as much as it divides us.


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