18 June

Writing Class: Cake And Affirmation

by Jon Katz
Mandy, Cheryl, Rachel
Mandy, Cheryl, Rachel

An important day for my writing class, held on Saturdays at Pompanuck Farm. Lisa Carrino made a beautiful lemon almond cake for us to celebrate “Gone To Ground: Selected Poems And Essays” by one of the students, Jackie Thorne, a writer, poet and photographer. Jackie will be reading at the Bedlam Farm Open House next weekend and she will have her first reading as a writer at Battenkill Books (you can buy a signed copy of Jackie’s new book from Battenkill) Saturday, June 25, 4 p.m.

The class listened to Jackie read from her new book, and we walked about the new ways in which writers named Jackie – she is one of the most gifted writers I have encountered in my teaching – are getting published. I expect four or five books to come out of the class this year, some self-published, some commercially published.

We are supporting Jackie in every way, mentioning her book our blogs, reviewing it, buying it and recommending it. We will be there for one another, and this is class of writers who want to be seen and heard. Maria came to the class as well, she encouraged Jackie strongly to write more and publish her work.

It is an exciting thing for me to see and be a part of. I highly recommend Jackie’s new book, her writing is warm, wise and touching.

From the poem “Gone To Ground:”

I wish it were such simple a task

to straighten up my life;

tuck in heartbeat, pull up sadness,

cover over pain and strife

some choices lay like linen sheets

whose creases will never come out,

no matter how much I tug or iron

or or try to smooth them down

so I learn to live with consequences

make peace with all the mess

resolving to try with each new day

to leave one wrinkle less.”

Jackie’s beautiful book of poems and essays costs $14.95 and includes a number of her photographs. I recommend it highly. She is also a painter. You can buy the book on Amazon.Or from Battenkill books, 518 677 2515.

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