13 May

Poem: When No One Is Looking

by Jon Katz
I Kiss My Angel

When No One Is Looking,

I want to kiss my angel,

I thank her for bringing me love,

and an open heart,

and my sweet farm,

and my friends,

And a wonderful dog,

to walk with me,

I thank her for not teaching me to hate,

and live in fear,

or turn my heart to stone.

and for my words,

and for my pictures,

I thank her for cracking open my heart,

I swallow pride and regret,

and chew on hope and connection,

She took some of my selves and

sent them off to walk in the deep woods,

and find their peaceful place.

When no one is looking,

I lift my hand to my heart,

and blow her a kiss,

she showers me with apple blossoms in return.

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