19 May

Treasure And Red: The Healing Continues

by Jon Katz
Treasure And Red

Treasure Wilkinson and Red are close friends, Treasure was upset when she heard he was sick and came over to the farm to  comfort and heal him. She is an animal whisperer, she is all heart (and some mouth as well), she also makes Native-American Dream Catchers. She has agreed to come to the farm when the refugee kids are here in July and August and bring two of her baby goats.

Red just drank it up, he loves it when women hug him.

Treasure’s goats are beyond social, and I suspect the kids will love them. I’m hoping to bring people in the community into the visits, welcoming these children as a community.

Many have grown up in refugee camps and seen all kinds of horrors, I hope when they come to our farm they will see a slice of the real America, a place of heart and soul and hospitality and generosity. Scott Carrino wants the kids to make their own pizzas, we will go see Ed and Carol Gulley’s dairy farm, and they will see the other side of Red, the working side.

I”m delighted that Treasure and Scott and others are already coming up with ways to participate.

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