25 May

Robin Has Landed

by Jon Katz
Robin Has Landed

Robin and Emma steamed into Albany this afternoon, it’s been pouring for most of the day, we are getting acclimated. I think I forgot just how hard it is to have a baby, but Robin is a trooper, affable,fun and adaptable. Fate is wild about her, the two have become best pals, although Fate did try and steal the toy fox out of her crib.

I’m learning the new drill, from diapers to feeding so I can hopefully give Emma some badly needed rest. Everyone is settled in, I’m making dinner of Vermont pasta with spinach and ricotta cheese and a salad, along with freshly picked blackberries. I took Robin out brief (Emma was a bit nervous) briefly to meet the donkeys.

Lulu and Fanny came over to sniff her vary carefully, and get a sense of her. Robin’s eyes nearly popped out of her head at them, the chickens and the sheep. Too wet to take any photos outside, but I’ll get some tomorrow. Robin spent a good part of the afternoon in my lap, we are making strange faces at one another, and waving at each other. She loves to wave.

Tomorrow I hope to take her into town, and we are all going to see Leroy, the two week old Boston Terrier I am thinking about getting. Maria and I had a long talk about it on the way to Albany. She conceded that if it is cute, she will want to get it. I’ll write more about it later tonight when things settle down.

I have a strict process for getting a puppy or any dog, and I’ll write about that.

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