17 July

Kelly In The Rain

by Jon Katz
Kelly In The Rain

The weather this summer is driving the farmers wild. It rains almost every day, usually not enough to help crops grow, but too much to allow haying or planting. It was gloomy and stormy tonight, Maria and I went to the Bog (Foggy Notions) I missed Kelly and wanted to see her, and I craved a hamburger and a few sweet potato fries from Maria.

It was quiet in the Bog, as it often is on Mondays. The thunder rumbled on and off outside, and then it started to pour. In this light, the Bog looks like a cozy cave, the bar was empty, the pool table quiet, no one left at the restaurant tables.

We could see the rain bouncing off of the windows and street.

Kelly carrying, as always, her beautiful smile.

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