29 August

Poem. The Grey Day

by Jon Katz
A Goodbye To Summer

This morning,

we woke up,

to a grey day.

The sun was gone,

it was cold,

time to kiss summer goodbye,

and wave to August as it fades into


the mystical season of change,

I feel the chill of portent.

we are not meant,

to be happy every day,

joy would have no meaning.

is this why, I wonder,

that we have grey days?,

to keep ourselves

in  great balance

with life?

and why, i wonder,

do I need grey days so much.

Are grey days a door that closes,

or a gate that swings wide?

do they cleanse our souls,

or drain them?

a beginning,

or an end?,

This constant yearning,

The sun has been my lover,

for so many years,

my destiny is to one day


into light itself,

and I give way to the grey day,

and invite it in,

it teaches me,

who I am,

and who I wish to be.

a grey day

is a gate,

it swings wide,

it paves the way

for the

brilliant light, that will soon

pour from my heart.

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