19 November

The Iphone X. Coming This Week

by Jon Katz
Apple Iphone X

Steve Jobs made many of his devices with people like me in mind – creatives who could be liberated by new technologies from very old ones, but who will never quite understand how they work.

My first book took months took months of typing, copying, re-typing, re-copying and editing. My IMac transformed the very way in which I write, and did so quickly and efficiently. My phones help me to manage my life and help me keep in touch with the torrent of messages that are my life.

For me, his genius was in creating tools that would help me create and advance my work Every book of mine but one was written on an Apple computer, every photograph I have published was managed and stored on Apple software.

With every technological leap by Apple, my own work changes and expands. Steve Jobs had much more of an impact on my life than my father, who thought creative work was for sissies and weaklings.

My phone is more than three years old now, and I have been closely following the reviews and stories and launch of the new Iphone X (called the Ten), said to be challenging to longtime Iphone uses and a great advance in mobile technology. The critics say it isn’t for everyone, and it is very expensive – over $1,000.

Maria got the new 8 Plus phone and loves it, the camera is quite wonderful.

I got up at 3 a.m. the day after the phones went on sale,  and came downstairs and got on the phone and ordered the Iphone X on the Apple site, it took about three minutes. I paid the full $1,100 dollars plus some accessories.

It cost several hundred dollars more than the 8 series.

If it is what people say it is, it is worth the money and I will not regret it. I sense this phone is for me.  One review I read from a source I trust says is the best phone ever to help one think differently. For me, thinking differently is the staff of life, the fountain of the creative.

I am getting older and it is important to me to stay in touch with new technology and expand my own horizons, both creatively and in terms of technology. I trust Apple, and appreciate their unique customer support. For years, they have always helped me, quickly and courteously, when I needed them.

I wish the phone were cheaper, but i have no apologies or guilt for getting it. I am  reading all of these hand-wringing pieces about the cost, and I am very empathetic about issues relating to cost, but this is a tool I need and will use 100 times a day. I believe it will be very good for me, words, photos, videos.

I have been saving up for the phone X  ever since I started reading about it.

I bought it outright, nothing to owe. This phone is different from all of the phone versions I have used for a decade. Face recognition, no home button, more power and battery life, gorgeous color and detail, a new portrait option, wi-fi wireless charging and a completely new way of navigating the phone.

Apple has been careful over the years to build new phones in such a way that the transition from one to another is usually seamless. That is not the case with the phone X. It operates in a completely different way, and that is a big plus for me, I will have to learn something new and think about this phone rather than simply open the box and go.

No more home button to push, you have to learn a new way of swiping.

I am told panic sets in for the first few hours, and then the fingers and neural system adjust.  People are blown away by the color and clarity of the screen.

I admire Steve Jobs immensely and am grateful for his genius. Techno-idiots like me can use these powerful new devices to do my work much more efficiently, and also monitor many of the details of my life.

I always hid from money for much of my life, my Iphone has helped me monitor my finances every day and know exactly  how much money I have and where it is.  My Apple photo program has 60,000 photographs stored in it.

I can’t wait to try out the new camera, it is every bit as good as mine, and may one day replace my wonderful Canon altogether. I will be one of the very last to do that. As I advance through the new era, I don’t to ever get too far behind creative technology.

My blog and photos would not be possible for me without the Apple technology I have so benefited from. I intend to stay current, not for entertainment or machismo, but because I am ambitious for my work and art, and wish to keep stretching the boundaries of it.

I am convinced that this new device will help me do that. I will share the experience with you, of course. The new phone will come in the next week or so. I will keep you posted.

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