6 December

The Whispering Clothing Drive: The Mansion

by Jon Katz
Hot Stuff In His New Hat: Tim

I call it my “Whispering” clothing drive, I walk through the Mansion with nice stuff I’ve gathered online and in some good Thrift stores – some of it has been sent to me – and I pull hats, scarves and sweaters out of the bag and show them to the residents.
I don’t call it a clothing drive, I just walk down the halls like Santa, passing things out, and I love the smiles they generate and am surprised by how big a hit these gifts are.

Tim was thrilled with his new blue wool hat, he is out riding all day on his electric walker dispensing home-made wreaths – they are all over town.

I’ve become a skilled Thrift Store hound – learn and grow. They have a lot of great stuff there. Tomorrow, the last bag.

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