3 January

Meet Wayne At The Mansion

by Jon Katz
Meet Wayne

Wayne came over to me at our New Year’s pizza lunch, he wanted to thank me for the new sweatshirt I brought him. This week, the residents have sometimes felt some of the chill from -20 temperatures, as have everyone else in my town. The mansion furnaces are going round the clock.

Wayne is new to the Mansion, he is a lot of fun, he loves jokes and he always helps out, even clearing tabletops in the dining room from his wheel chair.

He came to the Mansion with few clothes, and between Wal-Mart and some local thrift shops, we have been able to flush out his wardrobe, he needed some warm and flexible clothes.

I am becoming something of a rather deadly clothes shopper, I look for bargains and quality. Wayne looks sharp in his new sweatshirt, he says he might just sleep in it. He says he is a reader, and asked if he could have a couple of my signed books. For sure.

I think Wayne would love to get some of your letters. You can write him c/o The Mansion, 11 S. Union Avenue, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816.

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