4 January

And Next, Ice And Cold..

by Jon Katz
And Next…

The worst of the storm is on the coast now, a couple of hundred miles east of our farm, it is still snowing and blowing here, and as promised, the temperatures are plunging rapidly, we are scrambling to shovel out the paths and care for our animals before the worst of the cold comes tomorrow and over the weekend.

We are told to expect temperatures of at least -20 at night and winds of up to 40 miles her hour. Having experienced frostbite more than once, I take it seriously and go out and shovel for five or ten minutes at a time. Our two wood stoves are working heroically to keep the house warm.

We have opened up the interior of the barn so that the sheep and the donkeys can be out of the wind if they wish or need. My heart goes out to the many millions of people all over the country who have it worse than us, who are not used to it, are not prepared for it, cannot afford to deal with it, or who are in the direct path of this monster storm.

I keep thinking of them and of Mother Earth, and the message she is trying to send us. In my small town, we help each other, and everyone is seeking out people in need. I went to the Mansion this afternoon – it was a white knuckle drive, for sure – and brought some sweaters and jackets for those who have asked for them or need them.

I will post some more photos and words later tonight, and of course, tomorrow. The cold really is draining, and I am sure to sleep well tonight. I wish warmth and peace to everyone, this too shall pass, and I hope it renews in me empathy for others – standing in their shoes – and compassion for the truly vulnerable. More later.


  1. I have had a stomach full of fear the past two days, checking my weather app ten times a day. It doesn’t change. If the cold makes the power go out, I’m screwed. I have a HEAP grant for heating oil, but I can’t get it until Tuesday because I couldn’t pay for it until January 2, when the emergency grants came out, and they don’t do emergency deliveries. So we heat with electric, which is expensive.
    At least the animals are fed.
    Sorry for the rant.

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