29 January

Pals: Our Odd Couple. The Little Man And Satan’s Spawn

by Jon Katz
The Odd Couple

Gus and Fate are our own Odd  Couple. I think Fate needed a Gus here, the two play with one another all day, growing, hiding, stealing each other’s  toys, chasing each other around the yard. On cold days, they both curl up together on Fate’s dog bed in front of the wood stove fire.

I call Fate Satan’s Spawn because she is incorrigible and is a natural denier of commands escape artist.

Gus is doing well, as long as we don’t let him  in the pasture or the woods without a muzzle. We strictly regulate what he eats, and the more we control it, the better he does. Some days there are no accidents, some days one or two.

But we are in a kind of holding pattern, I don’t think it’s going to get away, but so far, it isn’t getting worse. He is a happy, active and much loved dog. We can live with it, and so can see. He did start vomit once in the bed last night, but we got  him off the quilt before he threw up on it.

I am already getting used to things i did not think I would  get used to.


  1. Reminds me of my 13 year old Aussie & my 5 month old puppy…he has brought her so much life & her eyes just sparkle. She is pretty sure I brought him home just for her.

  2. Didn’t you used to call Fate “The Joy Dog”?. Haha I guess she’s transitioned from joy, to pirate eye, to spawn of Satan. For your reading pleasure:

    Infant Joy
    ‘I have no name:
    I am but two days old.’
    What shall I call thee?
    ‘I happy am,
    Joy is my name.’
    Sweet joy befall thee!

    Pretty joy!
    Sweet joy, but two days old.
    Sweet joy I call thee:
    Thou dost smile,
    I sing the while,
    Sweet joy befall thee!

    William Blake, 1789

    Infant Sorrow

    “My mother groaned! my father wept.
    Into the dangerous world I leapt,
    Helpless, naked, piping loud;
    Like a fiend hid in a cloud.

    Struggling in my father’s hands,
    Striving against my swaddling bands;
    Bound and weary I thought best
    To sulk upon my mother’s breast.”

    Dogs…the good, the bad, the ugly!

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